Sunday, October 4, 2009

They Said It. . .

Some students sound off with advice about looking at school sizes


“Well I'd say that you should find a college you love first and then consider the size second. If you don’t absolutely love the school and everything it stands for first then the size wont matter; you're not going to enjoy it. But if you love the school then you will find your niche and the size wont matter whether it is big or small.”

-Lindsey North, sophomore, Texas A&M University


“Choose wisely and look beyond the campus size.  Look at the community around it, teacher student ratio, and even how nice the campus and its accommodations are.”

-Kendall Sherrill, sophomore, Spartanburg Methodist University


“Don't let the size of a college bother you while looking at schools. Go where you want to go. If it happens to be a big school, then it will probably take some time getting used to, but if it's where you are supposed to be, with time, it will feel right.”

-Will McCarthy, sophomore, University of Texas


“If having personal relationships with your professors and faculty of your university, and having greater chances to get involved and stay involved is high on your priority list, then a smaller university is the best bet for you!”

-Lane West, sophomore, Oklahoma Christian University


“I would tell them to really take it on account of the university.  See how each university goes about getting their students involved, and how the campus breaks down!”

-Abbie Adams, freshman, Texas A&M University


“I would suggest going wherever you feel most comfortable. Don't go for your friends or family, go for yourself. Whether you go to a big school or a small school, college is what you make of it. If you sit in your dorm all the time, that is what you are going to remember as your college experience.”

-Lindsey Provine, sophomore, Western Carolina University


“I would tell students to have a general idea of what they want (huge, tiny, etc.), but not to get too hung up on that. Visit a school to get an idea of it, rather than judging based on a number on a page. That can be misleading, so don't let it freak you out!”

- Aubrey Mowery, sophomore, University of Georgia


“I would recommend that you do your research on schools and then make an official campus visit to every school that you are interested in.  You will then have chances to determine the feel of the size and environment of the schools.”

-Kevin Kirk, Director of Campus Visits, Baylor University

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  1. Luke, nice mix of people talking. It just needs a better set up in the first paragraph. overall, good quotes.